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1. What are some of the things that should be considered when buying carpet?
  • What type, style or color of carpet do you prefer?
  • What thickness of underlay will you need?
  • Is there light or heavy traffic in the room?
  • Do you have pets?
  • Do you have stairs?

2. Is it necessary to have underlay?

Yes, having underlay installed on your stairs and carpet helps prolong the life of your carpet. We will also not warrenty the product if no underlay is used.

3. Will the seam show after the carpet is installed?

We can not guarantee that seams in your carpet will be invisible. Just like in sewing ,when two material are joined together, the seam is sometimes visible. This is especially true with Berber carpets, as they are low pile loop construction making it difficult to hide the seam.

4. How often should I vacuum the carpet?

Carpet requires proper care for a long life. Use mats at entrances and other ares to keep outside dirt and moisture from tracked onto the carpets. Vacuuming frequently helps reduce dirt accumulation. The heavier the traffic the more you should vacuum. Caution must be taken when using a power head on Berber style carpets or shags. The fibers can be caught in the rotating bar causing damage to your carpet.

5. How often should a carpet be cleaned professionally?

Periodic professional cleaning is required. The frequency depends on the level and type of traffic. It is recommend to have your carpet professionally cleaned at least every 2 years. Be aware that excessive water on your carpet, from self cleaning machines, can cause the carpet to buckle. Refer to the carpets applicable warranty for more details.

6. How do I take care of spots and spills on my carpets?

No carpet is stain proof, although many are stain resistant. Remove as much of the spill as possible by scraping gently with a spoon or dull object. Absorb wet spills as quickly as possible by blotting repeatedly with paper towel, cloth or towel. Always blot the carpet, never rub or scrub or a fuzzy area will result. When blotting work from the outer edge of the spill inwards to stop it from spreading. Remove the remaining moisture by placing several layers of paper towel, cloth or thick towel over the spot and weigh it down.

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